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Genci Rexhepaj was born in Tirana (capital city of Albania) in 1961, and raised in a magical city named Vlore situated along the beachside coast of the Adriatic Sea.  Genci had the spirit of art that started as a hobby, spending many days along the beach during sunset immersed in  nature and expressing his creative imagination to paper. In 1990 whilst living in Florence - Italy,  Genci expanded his ideas and vision by discovering the technique of airbrush painting.
During an interview with national TV in Italy (RAIUNO) Genci said' “The first time I ever saw an airbrush painting I became completely amazed with its versatility and had the obsession to try it”.

Genci’s work has been very successful and has lead him to travel throughout Europe painting the walls of nightclubs, bars and even houses.

On the 3rd of June 2000, Genci was awarded
“The Best Artist of 2000” while appearing on ” Un Medico In Famiglia” one of  Italy's most popular television programs. Then in front of a large celebrity audience, Genci preformed his art live amazing the audience with  his creativity.

The media is fascinated by his style of work because there are always new ideas and extraordinary creativity all the time. When you look at his paintings you will be charmed by the harmony of his colours. It will invite you to journey that is out of time and space, captivated by the expression of deep emotion that included in his paintings. To the inspired visitors words are no longer necessary to share the intimacy of his enchanting world.


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