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Tivoligasse 51/2 - A-1120 Vienna, Austria 

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Fat Velaj was born on 1963 in Vlora, Albania and is an Austrian citizen. Private studies for painting by different Professors.

His paintings are bought from Banks, Municipalities, Gallery’s, Museums and a lot of persons who live in Austria and in other states in the world.

Fat Velaj is the Board Chairman and Art Curator of the “Forum Weltoffen”  a important International Network of Artist with activity’s around the world.

Lives between Vienna, Como Lake, Italy. and Vlora.

Language: German, Italian, English and Albanian.


Fat  Velaj is inspired by the life and the nature. He finds inspiration in the images that appear suddenly before his sensitive eyes and reacts immediately in search of beautiful colours and deep contrasts in order to add another painting in his artistic album.
But his reactions do not come only from the bottom of his soul, even if he is seized from the passion to transform the nature and the life mentality. 
The true nature of his artistic world above all, is related to the desire to create
an intimate moment and transform it into an idea and more, into love. His paintings are a reflection of the most remarkable qualities of the mankind and they inspire serenity and happiness.
But his true goal is to become the initiator of a new artistic movement in order to create the distance from the insecurity and pessimism.
Therefore the subjects that he chooses cannot be doubted. They are found in every aspect of every day’s life and he tries to introduce them in the most admissible manner and at the same time to present their remarkable individuality.
That is why it is reasonable to say that Fat  Velaj without the nature wouldn't be who he really is, and on the other hand, he gave something to it by representing the nature's beauty in a very dignified manner.


Bibliography of Fat Velaj


“Paint into the light”- Vienna, Austria

“Art improve the time” – Skopje , Macedonia.

“…between Danube and Nile…”-  Cairo, Egypt

“Good morning Balkan”- Athens, Greece



October 2003 – „Honour of the Republic of Austria“



December 2003 –1° Price at the International Festival for Contemporary Art in Sanremo,Italy.

Interview in the different Newspapers, Radio and Television around the world:



Austrian TV- Online more time

City of  Vienna Online

City of  Brescia, Italy - Online

European  Parliament, Brussels– Online

City of  Gumpoldskirchen – Online

Newspapers “Niederösterreichische Nachrichten” - Austria

Newspapers “Erlauftalbote”- Austria

Newspapers  „Falter“- Austria, Titeled as „Man of the City “

Newspapers „Der Standard“- Austria

Newspapers „Utrinski Vesnik“ – Macedonia

Newspapers „Vecer“- Macedonia

Newspapers “Flaka” – Macedonia

Newspapers“Fakti”- Macedonia

Rivista  “Lobi”- Macedonia

Newspapers “Al Ahram” International – Cairo,Egypt

Newspapers “Al Goumuria” , Cairo, Egypt

Newspapers “Athens Newspaper”- Athens, Greece

Newspapers “Rilindja XXI” – Athens, Greece.

Newspapers “Bulgarian Today”- Athens, Greece

Newspapers“EURO –Skop” Praga, Czech Rep.

Newspapers”Koha Jone” Albania more time.




Blue Danube Radio –Guest in Studio for 20 minut

Radio Austria International –  20 minuti

Radio Skopje – Macedonia – Guest  in Studio for 30 minut

Radio “Deutsche Welle” – more time



ORF – Austrian Television, more time

ORF “The artistic world of Fat Velaj” Report for 20 minut

MTB- Macedonian Television – Interview at the aperture of the Exhibitions in   Skopje

ERA TV- Skopje, Macedonia – Interview at the aperture of the Exhibitions in   Skopje

Antena TV – Skopje, Macedonia – Interview at the aperture of the Exhibitions in   Skopje

MTB2- Guest in Studio for 30 minut

ERA TV –Guest in Studio for 30 minut

TV – Brussels, Belgium

TV – European Parliament

Good Morning Egypt – Cairo, Egypt

News 1- Cairo, Egypt

Orbit Chanel – Cairo, Egypt

Nile Cult – Cairo, Egypt

Nile TV- Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Opera TV- Cairo, Egypt

TV Garda 1- Brescia, Italy



Exhibitions: (Selected)

-1992- Raika - Scheibbs, Austria

-1996- Gemeinde St. Anton/Jeßnitz, Austria

-1997 –Sparkasse Gaming, Austria

Volksbank Scheibbs, -  Austria

Raika  Scheibbs, Austria

Gallery "Haus der Begegnung" Gaming, Austria

-1998- Raika, Gresten, Austria

-1999  Raiffeisen Zentralhaus, Vienna-Austria

Gallery Kultur Gemeinde Neubau, Vienna, Austria

Meidling 4YOU, Vienna, Austria

-2000- ORG Steiner, Vienna, Austria

Gallery "Momartre", Vienna,Austria

Gallery WIF, Vienna, Austria

Gallery in Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria

Bank Austria ,Vienna, Austria

Bezirk Meidling, Vienna, Austria

-2001- Österreichisches Parliament, Vienna, Austria

Galerie A-5, Wien,Vienna, Austria

Europa Parliament, Brussels,  Belgium

Schrack AG, Viena, Austria

Gallery of the City Scheibbs, Austria

Gallery  of the City Sonthofen, Germany.

-2002 -Museum Meidling, Vienna, Austria

City Hall of Vienna, Austria

Art Centre of  Macedonia , Skopje, Macedonia

Cultural Centre of Egypt, Vienna, Austria

Gallery at the National Art Centre , Cairo ,Egypt

-2003- Gallery of the City Scheibbs , Austria

Artl Centre of the Czech Republic, Vienna, Austria

Gallery „Berger Haus“, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

Gallery of the City of Athens ,Greece,

Gallery “Sala Terrena”, Mödling, Austria

Galleria d’Arte Lago di Garda, Italy

Arts Centre "La Tavolozza", Sanremo, Italy

Museum Laxenburg,  Austria

Festival International of Contemporary Art, Sanremo Italy.



National Museum of Romania


Gallery im Turm, Baden, Austria


BlueArt, Biennale  in Vlora


Museum of Wachau, Austria


CAW Gallery, Royal Leamington- England.


Würth Museum, Austria


Gallery of the City Lietzen, Austria.


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