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Ndoc (Andon) Martini

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(b Shkod?r, 14 June 1871; d Paris, 6 Dec 1916). Albanian painter. After studying at the School of Arts and Crafts in Shkod?r he worked in his family's atelier as a designer of bridal outfits and accessories. He later graduated from the Arb?reshi College at S Demetrio Corone in Cal?bria, where he painted frescoes in one of the halls. He finished his studies at the Acad?mie des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1904-9), where he painted the portrait of President Loubet and frescoes for the Chambre des D?put?s in the Palais Bourbon. In Paris Martini also continued to depict Albanian subjects, for example Skanderbeg (1912; Istanbul, International Trade Exhibition; destr. 1913). He was noted for the psychological depth of his portraiture. On the whole Martini adhered to traditional realist style and composition, but his work was gradually influenced by French Impressionism, as in Dr Prela (1916; Tiran?, A.G.).

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priru / torna